Our Curriculum

Schoolwide Curriculum

Suncreek Kid’s curriculum is based on a thematic framework. Learning materials and activities are organized around specific age appropriate units and objectives. Everything occurring at Suncreek Kids is intentional and aimed at meeting the 4 developmental needs of our students (Spiritual, Emotional/Social, Academic & Physical).

Core #1: Spiritual

Suncreek Kids believes nothing is more important than building a strong Christian foundation. We encourage children to learn Bible stories, scripture verses and participate in prayer while modeling God’s perfect love for mankind. Our students participate in weekly Chapel, and once a month our families are invited to join us and participate in this sweet and special time of worship.

Core #2: Social & Emotional

The BEST indicator of long-term academic success is the social-emotional health of a child. Suncreek Kids strives to help children develop the skills needed to become socially and emotionally intelligent individuals. Our teachers support and encourage our students as they learn to regulate their own emotions and behaviors, establish positive relationships, build age appropriate self-help skills, and participate cooperatively in group situations.


Core #3: Academic

Language Arts: Providing experiences that can shape the way children communicate through written and spoken word.

At Suncreek Kids we set the stage for literacy learning with language art activities that are fun, engaging, hands on, child centered and interactive.

Math: It's fun at Suncreek Kids!

Early math concepts are introduced using hands on manipulatives, catchy songs and age appropriate activities.

Science: God created a wonderful world for us to explore!

Children are naturally curious and we encourage them to use their 5 senses to investigate when we introduce simple science activities during class and outdoor play.

Music: It cultivates the mind and heart like nothing else can!

Our students attend music class daily using a large variety of musical styles, interactive songs and exciting props to get our bodies moving! 

Art: Daily incorporation allows our students to explore creativity while expressing themselves.

At Suncreek Kids, we do both free art and planned art. When we value children’s creativity, their self-confidence soars!

Core #4: Physical

Fine motor: We use an abundance of activities for strengthening little hands.

Strengthening hand muscles, encouraging proper grips, building finger dexterity and hand-eye coordination are important first steps to writing.

Gross motor: Little kids need time daily to enjoy gross motor activities.

With preschoolers, active play that uses the large muscles in the legs, arms, and trunk is important for physical development. Learning to harness the power of those muscles to dance, run, jump, throw, catch and kick is key to healthy bodies and brains.

Grade Level Curriculum

As your child progresses through our program, each year they will experience a similar routine that builds on age appropriate curriculum goals for each grade level.

2 Year Old’s

With our littlest ones we strive to make the transition from home to school as easy as possible. We offer lots of hugs, love and individual attention!  Inside the classroom we use a weekly theme-based curriculum where we expose our students to engaging stories, alphabet, numbers, shapes/colors, and Bible. Students are encouraged to explore, be a good friend, learn classroom routines and PLAY!

3 Year Old’s

Our 3’s use a theme-based curriculum that incorporates Frog Street Press Curriculum components.  Students are now beginning the 1st official steps towards kindergarten readiness. Not only will they continue learning the alphabet, numbers, colors/shapes, simple science and Bible but will also begin lessons in handwriting, literacy and basic math concepts.

Pre-K & 4’s

Our Pre-K/4’s use the award winning “Get Set for School” curriculum that helps young learners get ready for kindergarten through:

  • developmental progression that builds on what children already know
  • multi-sensory approach that addresses diverse learning styles

Transitional Kindergarten

Our TK is designed to be a bridge between preschool and kindergarten. The TK teacher will guide students’ learning by offering an intriguing and loving environment that will differentiate each child’s developmental and academic readiness.

TK differs from our Pre-K program in 2 main ways. First, this “gift of an extra year” offers students who are not ready for Kindergarten an extra year to gain impulse control, allow their brains to continue to develop and further their growth socially and emotionally. Second, it is more academically rigorous than our Pre-K program by being mindful of the Kindergarten TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills). Research has found that children with late spring or summer birthdays who have the gift of an extra year are often the future leaders that excel in self-confidence.

T.K. Curriculum: We are thrilled to announce that the Learning without Tears curriculum (that is currently used in our Pre-K) just recently developed Kick Start Kindergarten, a curriculum specifically designed for this transitional kindergarten year. The use of both the TEKS & Kick Start Kindergarten Curriculum bridges Pre-K and Kindergarten through: 

  • Differentiated instruction and cross-curricular activities
  • Academic goals in Language, Writing, Literacy, Mathematics, Science & Social Studies
  • Emotional, social and physical goals
  • Further work with capitals AND introduces lowercase letter formation

    All curriculum is composed of (3) learning areas:

    Reading & Writing

    We teach pre-writing and school readiness skills with multi-sensory and developmentally appropriate activities. Children learn:

    • Letter & number recognition and formation
    • Fine and gross motor skills, such as, grip, drawing, building key social, emotional and readiness skills, including: sharing, taking turns and listening.

    Language & Literacy

    We provide real life connections to help children learn to:

    • Explore words, symbols and letter sounds
    • Link words to concepts and recognize new words in spoken language
    • Respond to simple questions, have discussions, and share ideas
    • Develop emergent literacy skills

    Numbers & Math

    We make early math concepts meaningful and fun for children as they learn to:

    • Count, sequence and match objects
    • Compare, build patterns, and sort
    • Understand spatial concepts and solve problems

     Suncreek Kids Christian Preschool is licensed as a Child-care Facility by the State of Texas.