Happy Thursday!

I hope you are having a great week! Love is in the air at Suncreek Kids!!  This week I have seen the children having wonderful activities in the classroom centered on friendship and love.  We started our new bible story of Joseph and his coat of many colors.  The children love trying on our special coats we have made to use along with the bible story. So cute!!  Next week the classes will have their Valentine parties on Wednesday (for Rainbow, Orange & Green) and on Thursday for all classes that day.

A few reminders for you:

  • Please be on time daily for 2:00 dismissal
  • February  tuition is due
  • Please follow  the illness policy of keeping sick children home until they are  free of all symptoms for a full 24 hrs.  We have had several cases of  viruses (which are contagious) and strep going around in the preschool so  it’s very important to follow the policy to keep from spreading it throughout the school.  I appreciate your help ahead of time with  this very important matter.
  • Afterschool  play:   With the nice weather in the afternoons I see many of our families  enjoying the area right out here by the main entrance.  The children  have such a wonderful time playing with their friends and it’s a great  time to catch up with other moms. I ask that you keep a very close eye on  your children while playing out in this area. I have observed the children   playing in the flowerbeds and near the big windows in the breezeway and  then playing in the baptismal garden area and I ask that parents please do  not let your children play in these particular areas I have  mentioned.  The fountain and area for baptisms is a very special area  and I ask that children not be in the area playing even if parents are      supervising……..it is not a play area.  Thank you J

Here is what is going on in specials with Ms. Natalie & Ms. Cammie:

(Specials update via Natalie)

Centers Lab:

With the start of February, we set up the Flower Shop and Cafe. This is always a favorite for all the kids and teachers. The children work on filling orders for flowers, candy, and jewelry so they can make deliveries around the school. We also have a place we make conversation hearts out of play dough and hunt for jewels in the sand table. We use sorting for the jewels and the math work in the flower shop is top notch…I paid $50 dollars this week for a set of 2 flowers….but the delivery charge was “free!” as stated by William. (Thanks for the break on that charge buddy)


At the end of this month we will be making Valentine fruit dip. We will work with our craft sticks (our tool) on chopping some soft fruit into the correct bite size pieces….as we talk about table manners. The children will scoop and mix to make their own dip and they use their fork to dip into the yummy mix! Also, these sweet kids are very good at “hands, face, and place…” so use that at home with a wipe and watch what they can clean up!


We are beginning to talk about things we can do….we play, we work, and we love. We have learned the terms for cat and dog and we continuing to work on dancing, walking, sitting, stopping, and sleeping. Pablo really LOVES these kids and thru February we will work on what we LOVE with our hearts. We might even get to listen to our own heart!


The skills shown by these kids blow my mind. They are really working hard on the use of the mouse and also have to navigate thru all our software. We will continue to work on using our new found understanding to find our programs on our own to work with on the computer. Last month we worked on making sure the kids were ready to move onto home row of the computer. It took a bit longer than I had hoped so this week we will begin to introduce the use of the keyboard.

I am truly blessed to be able to share you children with you each week. As my own get older, I find so much pure joy in the things your children say and do with me….they make me smile. They make me laugh! This year I will be in the classroom (public or private) for 15 years! It is so much more of a joy now that I get to share it with your children in a Faith based environment.

Lastly, public registration for next school year began this week.  We have just a handful of spots available in the Monday/Wednesday sections of Rainbow and the two year old classes. If you know anyone looking for a spot and their child is two or 18 months please have them stop by the preschool office for give us a call at 972-727-4300.

Enjoy the nice weather and have a wonderful weekend!!


Lisa Newman


Suncreek Kids Christian Preschool

Suncreek UMC


“Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.”  Proverbs 22:6