Good morning!! Hope you are enjoying these rainy days!! I think the children do since we have indoor recess and the bounce house comes out.


Today is the last day for in house registration for next school year as of Monday we will start enrolling church member’s children and the following week public registration will begin. Please stop by the office today if you have not yet signed up and Suzanne or I will take care of you.


Ms. Natalie has asked me to pass along to parents that have children with food allergies if you would rather her not send home the permission slip for the month’s cooking activity or feel it’s unnecessary to do for your child please stop by the office and let us know and we will adjust that on her list. Thanks!


Next week is family chapel – please check with your teacher for the time and day your child’s class attends. We welcome all parents to come and see what we do in chapel!!


A special thank you to the parents in Blue, Silver and Yellow Rooms for the yummy lunch you provided for staff on Wednesday. It was so nice and my staff enjoyed it so much. Our families are the best and we appreciate all the wonderful things you do for us!!


Many of you have been asking about summer camps for your children so I wanted to pass the information along to you. Suncreek UnitedMethodist Church does provide summer camp each month during the summer for preschool children. The dates for the camps are: June 4, 6, and 8th – July 9, 11, and 13th and August 6, 8, and 10th. The camps run from 9-2pm on the listed dates. Registration will begin on Tuesday, April 3rd at 9am.


*As a reminder please make sure your child is signed in and out daily.


We are wrapping up the month of January and February brings a month full of Love. We will be celebrating God’s love for us and friendship as well as different modes of transportation. The color for the month will be pink and the shape is the heart. We will continue reviewing letters and introducing the letter B, P and R. The monthly bible verse is “Love one another as I have loved you.” The bible story we will be studying is Joseph and his coat of many colors. February is a fun month at the preschool as we have our Valentine Parties and a few other special events. Look for more information to come!


Thank you for sharing your precious child with us! Please do not ever hesitate to let your teacher know if you have questions or concerns as they are here for you and your child. I am always glad to help you in whatever way I can. Suncreek Kids is such a special place and we love our families!!


I would like to share this with you:


Magnificent consequences…

What you do, matters. The words you speak, the things you feel, the thoughts you hold, and the actions you take all have an influence on the quality of your life.

You cannot escape the consequences of the way you choose to live. So your best strategy is to make those consequences magnificent.

Instead of having to pay a price for your actions, you can be reaping the rewards of your actions. The choices you make in each moment are what make the difference.

If you carry around negative thoughts and feelings, and then express that negativity in your actions, you make your whole world a darker, more dismal place. Choose instead to adopt a positive perspective, seeing the best in other people and in the situations you encounter, and you’ll be adding new, meaningful value to your world.

In every little moment, the way you choose to be truly matters. Make a little positive difference, again and again, and it all soon adds to a life of real fulfillment and joy.

You have a very powerful influence on the world in which you live, and on the life you experience. Live as though everything matters, because it does, and bring your own magnificent consequences to life.

— R. Marston


Have a wonderful weekend!