Good afternoon!

It was so good to see everyone back!! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year and if your break was spent here in the area or out of town that you and your family had a very special time. With the weather being so cold this week and wet today we have been indoors for recess.  We are celebrating God’s gift of winter all month as well as the five senses and transportation.  Our shape of the month is triangle, color is white and the letters of the month are L, M, and N and of course reviewing all the letters we have studied so far this year.  Our bible story is creation and the bible verse is “In the beginning, God created heaven and the earth.” Genesis 1:1.  A fun month is in store!!

I have a few reminders for you:

·       January tuition is now due

·       Christmas DVDs have been delayed getting to you due to the holiday break and an equipment malfunction.  I appreciate your patience and I hope to be able to send them home next week.

·       2014-2015 Registration will take place starting on Monday, January 27th.  Paperwork will be going home in your child’s folder the Wednesday & Thursday prior to that (Jan. 22nd &23rd).  If you have questions about placement for your child next year please stop by and visit with me or send me an email.  I am happy to answer any questions you may have. The fees and tuition for next year have not changed.  The options for each age group are:  (DOB as of Sept 1, 2014)

Eighteen Month Olds M/W or T/TH – 2 day option

Two year olds M/W or T/TH – 2 day option

Three Year Olds – M, W, TH – 3 day option

Four Year Olds – 3 (M, W, TH) or 4 Day (M, T, W, TH) option

Lastly, thank you to all who generously helped to fill Faith the Cow. We received over $170 in cash and coins, and with this money we purchased a goat, flock of ducks, flock of chicks, and flock of geese through Heifer International. Our gift will help turn hunger and poverty into hope and prosperity for many people living in despair. Heifer is a special organization as it creates sustainability in these underprivileged areas. Thank you again for supporting this special mission opportunity.

Have a great afternoon!


Lisa Newman