Happy Thursday!


This has been a busy yet fun week at Suncreek Kids!  All the children are really adjusting well to their schedules and we are just rolling right along.  This week we started chapel and began weekly Spanish with Ms Natalie. Ask your child about Pablo J


Here are a few announcements and dates to put on your calendar:


·        September tuition is due

·        Signed medical statements & shot records due – please turn into the office ASAP

·        Suncreek Kids spirit shirts on sale in the office. Orders will be taken through Today. Cost is $ 10 per shirt (adults & child sizes available)

·        Please turn in all directory forms (the blue form) to the office by next Thursday.  We hope to have the directory ready to send home in a few weeks!!

·        Our first fire drill of the school year will be next Wednesday, Sept. 19th at 10:30am

·        Home based business advertising in the school directory: if interested please pick up a form in the office. An extra form was sent home in your child’s folder incase anyone is interested in advertising.– cost to advertise is $25.

·        Dedication of the Kathleen Baskin-Ball Baptistery Garden – Will take place this Sunday, Sept. 16th at the 11am service. This is a very special day in the life of Suncreek UMC. We invite all of our preschool families to attend this special service to honor a very special lady to so many!! This will be such a joyful celebration. Please see the message from Pastor Tom……..

Dear Friends,September 16, 2012 will be a very special day in the life of Suncreek United Methodist Church. On that Sunday at 11:15 a.m. the SUMC family will gather in the Sanctuary for the Consecration Service of the Rev. Kathleen Baskin-Ball Memorial Baptistery Garden. As many of you know, Kathleen served as Suncreek’s Senior Pastor from 2001-2008, leading this church family with great distinction in an amazing and inspiring season of “Alive! in Christ” ministry. Because many have joined the Suncreek community since Kathleen’s passing, not everyone is familiar with her remarkable story. I have asked our church historian, Jennifer Evans, to share a few highlights.

Kathleen Baskin was appointed to Suncreek UMC in June 2001. Her warmth and her gracious and loving spirit won over the hearts of this congregation on her first Sunday here. Kathleen’s heart-felt sermons combined with a deep desire for each person to understand the joy of being a child of God made her an incredible pastor. She passionately and genuinely shared the love of God wherever she went and with whomever she came in contact. When you were with Kathleen, you felt like you were the most important person in the world.

Over the next few years, we shared with Kathleen and Bill the milestones of marriage and the birth of their son, Skyler. Kathleen Baskin-Ball was devoted to them and to her parents and other family members, yet even in her last days, her calling to make disciples of Jesus Christ through Suncreek was strong. She continued preaching the gospel throughout her two year battle with cancer and she baptized 31 individuals on November 30, 2008, less than 48 hours before her death on December 2. We continue to celebrate her life with the words of her Granny Baskin “Glory be!”

As you can see, we have much to celebrate on the 16th! Let us give thanks to God for Kathleen’s ministry and for our sacred opportunity to live fully as the baptized children of God today. Glory Be!

In Christ,

Pastor Tom

P.S. On Sunday the 16th, we will follow our regular worship/Sunday school schedule at 8:15 and 9:30. Note: because of the “Consecration Service” at 11:15, there will be no 11 am Sunday school for children or adults on September 16. We will have childcare during that time for birth-4 years of age.





·        Mark your calendar for the Family picnic next Thursday, Sept20th –for a special evening with children’s entertainer Eddie Coker. The show will begin at 6:30 in Palmer Hall and doors will open at 6pm. Bring a picnic dinner and blanket for your family and plan to have a fun night of fellowship. This is always very well attended so please plan to come early and find a spot!!





·        School pictures will be on Wed& Thurs. Sept. 26th & 27th – The informational flier will be coming home on Monday & Tuesday in your child’s folder.


*Here is a message from Ms. Natalie & Ms. Cammie (Specials teachers for Centers, Computers & Spanish with Natalie) updating you on what they will be doing this month in their classrooms!


Calling all Kids, Calling all Kids, we are up and moving forward with our specials this year. Many parents ask what I do…they hear of me, or rather my classrooms but never “see me”??? I wanted to let you know that I promise I am real and I love the blessing of spending time with all your kids each week. Yes, I get them all!!! So please forgive me if I am not able to know names quickly!!!

As we begin school, in Centers Lab we are set up for Welcome Back to School. We are getting use to the room and ALL that we get to in our classroom. We are singing, working with blocks, sifting sand, writing on windows with markers, washing those same windows with water and paper towels, playing with yellow homemade play-dogh, hugging, laughing, doing puzzles….and most of all, HAVING SO MUCH FUN. As a rule of thumb, if its fun, messy, and creative we are doing it!

Shifting to computers, our new friends (the 3’s) are getting use to the “old style computers” we have in our lab. They are learning the 5 parts of the computer and hand signs that go with those parts. Watch out….they learn fast. Our 4’s are old pro’s and they are really excited to be back in the lab. They are “showing me what they know” and this year the kids remembered a LOT. Yipee!!!

Lastly, Spanish. Well let me start off with that fact that I can not wait to teach these kids Spanish. We are going to have a super fun time learning about colors, numbers, parts of our bodies and basic commands. In addition to my teaching, my friend Pablo will be with me each day. He will be teaching by my side and he will ONLY use Spanish to the kids. He is about 8 inches tall and fits very well on my left hand. I have found that thru the years kids love so much what a puppet can bring to their day.


Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend with your families!




Lisa Newman


Suncreek Kids Christian Preschool