Happy Ash Wednesday!

 I hope you enjoyed the long holiday weekend with your family.  Today some of the classes had our annual visit by Bucky the Beaver from Allen Pediatric Dentist – Dr. Gough’ office.  The children enjoyed the presentation and will be bringing a tooth brush home with them.  The rest of the classes will have their presentation tomorrow and receive their toothbrushes. The preschool is always so glad to have someone from their office come and share how important it is to take care of our teeth.  Look for picture soon on the website’s slide show.

 We will be having family chapel next week and finishing up our month long study on Joseph and his coat of many colors. I hope many of you can make it!

 Everyone should also by today receive the postcard from the company that will be taking our school pictures.  Please note that the date your child will have their picture taken is highlighted on the card. After the pictures have been taken a representative will be here on March 7th & 8th with the proofs for viewing.  The pictures are taken on a green screen and the information about that is on the postcard.  Our families will have two backgrounds to choose from when you view the proofs and an example of what those backgrounds look like is on display on the building doors. The dates are Wed. February 29th and Thur. March 1st.  If you have any questions about school pictures please stop by the office and ask Susan, Suzanne or I and we will be happy to answer them.

 We also will have our monthly fire drill on Wednesday, February 29th at 9:45.

 It makes our hearts happy to see all of the children playing in the courtyard and the surrounding area after school each day. What a wonderful way to build friendships and love among our preschool families! It was brought to our attention that there are some fire ant mounds in the fields. We have asked the church to expand the treatment area to include the grass space closest to the church. Please ask your children not to play in the flower beds, bang on the windows, or touch the light fixtures around the courtyard. This will ensure that we keep the area safe and free from damage.  Thanks ahead for your help with this!!

 Have a great evening.


 Lisa Newman