What Our Families are Saying

“We have been blessed to be a part of the Suncreek Kids Preschool family for the past 8 years. All three of our children started at Suncreek as toddlers. They graduated from preschool fully prepared academically and socially for Kindergarten. The teachers and staff at Suncreek have loved my children as their own and poured their hearts into their little lives year after year. I will be eternally grateful for the warm, nurturing, Christ-filled days we have spent at Suncreek Kids. We leave with life-long friendships and many fond memories of the precious preschool years!”

Meredith K

“My oldest child started Suncreek Kids at 18 months and recently graduated from their preschool. He not only entered kindergarten prepared, but he has a confidence that Suncreek Kids helped develop. He is testing well above his grade level and that is a direct reflection of the attention to detail the staff gave to the curriculum. Now my youngest child attends. In his short time there he has already increased his vocabulary and is forming sentences as a 2-year-old. Most importantly, the Suncreek Kid’s staff treat each child with true love, embrace diversity, make safety a priority and incorporate faith each day.”

Molly P

“If you are looking for the best of the best, this is the educational space for your preschooler. Suncreek provides a wonderful foundation for future educational needs, while providing a Christ centered, safe place for young minds to grow. We’ve been very pleased with our girls’ progress during their time here. We couldn’t ask for anything more. It’s truly a blessing to know your child is loved as much at school as she is at home.”

-Amanda P